Mrs. Meaney’s Museum

Mrs. Meaney's Museum

Mrs. Meaney’s Museum in Ballilogue Co. Kilkenny, Ireland.


One comment on “Mrs. Meaney’s Museum

  1. judyleslie1 says:

    Mrs Meaney’s Cottage. (She married in there, raised a family and lived her life here in South Kilkenny until 2003 in that Cottage. I got to know her in her latter years and I’d like to think we became great friends. We had much laughter and the odd party). What’s lovely now is to take visitors to her Cottage. The big welcoming kitchen, open fire, fine Irish Dresser, parlour with the good delph and the Ballilogue Craft Shop in rooms that were once bedrooms.I hope she would be proud of what we have done at the Inn @ Ballilogue. I remember with fondness the visits into the Cottage, the laughter and stories, the open door and fire always lit and most of all the generosity and welcome. Mrs. Meaney’s family lived in that Cottage and owned the land for perhaps 200 years. The census of 1911 tells us that 8 people lived under that roof and the cottage was lived in continuously until 1993. Now it’s changed but in many respects remains the same. The armchairs are re upholstered locally from fabric specially hand woven in Wexford, the dressers painted but not altered, the fire and crane stand proudly in working order as they have done for 200 years perhaps and the wallpaper in dresser and alcove tells the story of changing times and fashions.

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